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makeover tips for new year?

its almost new year and i want something new. i'm currently taking care of my skin and body shape really well to keep me well fit for next year, but i still need some new...something!!! i like my already long straight black hair but i want to do something more to it. maybe i need to change my wardrobe or whiten my teeth or get new shoes or new make up or something.. suggestions? heres the link to my picture so you guys can get the idea:

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    OMG You are soo pretty!!! You definetly don't need a makeover, but I think maybe going for lose waves, would definetly make you look amazing! And, I think that maybe you should grow your eyebrows and re-shape them because they are a little too thin (but if you like them that way that keep 'em!) Anyways, you are super cute and I love your glasses!

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    First let me say that you're very pretty already. And it's hard to tell from the picture, but what colors of makeup do you wear? Try adding some color (I mean real color!!) to your eyes. I always get compliments on my eye makeup, and I think it's because I'm one of the few who has the guts to wear the colors that everyone wants to try but just doesn't!

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    well, you're already gorgeous! but if you still want to change your image, you could cut your hair and make it short (like a bob?) or you could get some highlights. also, try wearing vibrant colors, and try to mix in a funky accessory (even though, with those cute glasses, it looks like you already do!) Good luck!!!

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    you should just get darker makeup like eye shadows and keep your hair dark cause its winter~!!

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