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My rabbit keeps on coughing..??

My rabbit keeps on coughing for some reason. And right now, I can't afford to go to the VET. So I need some advice from experienced animal breeders. Thanks in advance.. ;)

He is very ill. I feel very sad whenever i see him...

Please help me and my rabbit

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    Are you sure your rabbit is coughing and not sneezing? Rabbits rarely to never cough. If it is sneezing, check the inside of it's front paws to see if they are matted. If they are matted, it has a cold.

    If it is coughing it could possibly be a hairball. To combat hairballs, go to your local nutrition store like a GNC and get a bottle of papaya tablets. Have your rabbit eat the papaya. It shouldn't be too hard getting it to eat the papaya tablet. Most rabbits eat them like candy.

    You may also want to check to see if your rabbit is breathing hard. If it is breathing hard it may have pneumonia. Pneumonia normally kills a rabbit in 1-2 days.

    Most vets don't charge a lot to treat a rabbit. Rabbits rarely to never have surgery done on them. So normally its just diagnosing the problem and prescribing a medicine to treat it. Normally about the most a vet ever does to a rabbit is lance an abscess.

    It's probably a good idea to see a vet. Just check with around with some local people that show rabbits to find out what vets around your area are good at treating rabbits.

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    This is an old post, but I want to add my feedback here. If you're rabbit starts coughing (which sounds like a sneeze), don't play games and get them to a vet. I found this out the hard way recently when someone dropped a couple of bunnies on me. One of them started making a noise that sounded like sneezing on occasion. By the time that I realized it was having difficulty breathing and I might mention not drinking, it was too late. The vet gave them a shot of Baytril as well a prescription for it. I never even got the chance to administer it because it died that night. The shame of it was that I had a day's delay after noticing the breathing difficulty because I had to get the money together for the vet visit (They don't do payments.). What really makes this so sad was that in the end I was left with that unused bottle of Baytril in one hand, and a dead rabbit in the other. Especially when I already knew form searching the internet, that that was the medicine I would need if it were indeed pneumonia. But getting that medicine required a veterinary visit. I think the saddest part of the whole thing is that I should have been able to get that medicine more easily. It's only used in animals, and if it wasn't pneumonia after all, I really don't think it would have hurt.

    I only hope this might help save the life of the next sick bunny.

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    Ah, this is quite sad. Signs of sickness in bunnies can be a major thing, they don't always bounce back from infection and are some what frail animals and it's important that they are treated as soon as you notice their symptoms.

    It is very likely that your rabbit has some form of respiratory infection, such as pheumonia, or pasteurellosis (aka snuffles), especially if it's got other symptoms such as running nose and eyes. The best/only thing to do in this case, is go to the vet. Otherwise there is a good chance your rabbit will succumb to it's infection.

    According to a link I found on the net, from an 'ask the vet' type place, it could also be a hair ball. In this case, and increasing the amount of fiber in your rabbit's diet could help. I would say this is the best case scenario, but not likely the problem your bunny is having, since you claim it to be very ill.

    Good luck, and best wishes to your rabbit.

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    You need to contact a vet and see if they will work out some sort of payment plan. An animal breeder is not a vet, and they will not be able to prescribe antibiotics for your animal.

    It is very sad that your rabbit is sick, but it is your responsibility to care for it and to seek medical care for it.

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    Perhaps you can go to the vet and work out a payment plan. There is no reason to let it suffer. http://www.rabbit.org

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    LOOK I HAVE SEVEN RABBITS so take from me

    never leave your rabbit out side

    never bath your rabbit every day

    give him food & water

    keep him in a warm place

    and he will be good as new.......................

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