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girls onli?

hey whats the best way to get rid of pieriod pains? and is there anyway to get rid of them with out taking any medcine?

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    Well you can always put on a warm compress on ur tummy. lay sideways and bring your knees up.. take a warm shower drink some tea and relax.. mainly breathing effectively in through your nose out thru ur mouth. Relaxing is what will help with your crampign without medication.. warm compress helps tomake it feel better also... i hope this helps... and if your cramping is too painful.. you can take motrin ( ibuprofen ) and the cramping should subside in a lil while

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    Over the counter pain remedies will work (tylenol, advil, etc) for most. Exercise helps, too... and a heating pad sometimes gives relief. The thing to remember is that this cramping is normal and part of the process. Your uterus contracts to open the cervix to allow the lining of your uterus to shed and flow out. If your cramping is so painful that you can't function several days a month (miss school, cry, stay in bed) then you should see a doctor. Overly painful periods can be a sign of some medical conditions. It's also treatable. Don't suffer in silence.

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    Gentle exercise, such as going for a walk, is known to help. Also, having a warm bath or just curling up with a hot water bottle or heat pack can work.

    And eating chocolate will make you feel much happier =D

    I hope this helps and best of luck, I know pains like that can be, well ... a pain XD

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    quite a few years ago I had a Dr that believed very highly in vitmain E for gals. I have been taking 1000iu vitmain E for more than 10 years and my periods are virtually PMS and cramp free. my husband loves it. BUT you must be taking "d-" not "dl-" when looking on the label

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    I usually soak in hot water..and have a cup of herbal tea...caffeine makes the cramps worse...and then I put a hot water bottle on my lower stomach area ...over a towel...and if possible ...get a back massage

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    worst thing you can do is saok in hot water as it makes you bleed don't say how old you are but if your young well it's something that we all have to go can try over the counter medication as yes it does work but if that doesn't help then call your GYN..and yes Herbal Teas are good for you....hope you feel better

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    a hot shower, not soaking in water which makes it worse!!! and if you have a hot electrical pad over your tommy and back helps a lot. any advil or motrin are anti-inflamatory so will help you alot to reduce inflamation that cause cramps.

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    try this reflexology . get a popcile stick or something flat and press different parts of your tongue. This is not to be used if you are or think you are pregnate. My reflexology book says that.

    Source(s): Reflexology Book
  • I dnt think it was only for girls

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