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how can we keep celebrities from asking dumb questions?

Why does Jay Z care about conserving water? HE DOESNT If he did I suggest he not water one of his lawns as often or drink less cristal with his homies (theres some water in the stuff)

Does trump really care about what makes a good entrepreneur? No

Its all cheap press and it is ruining Yahoo answers

Who agrees?



thanks to the first two people who answered my question and for wasting my time.

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    I TOTALLY agree! you're SO right, i don't think they give a damn about poverty, global warming or conserving water they're ruining Yahoo Answers with their stupid questions, they don't care about any of the stuff they ask about it's called advertising, that's IF they are the people who are posting the questions, maybe it's yahoo answer's staff or someone who works for them, do you think they'll even LOOK at the answers? NOPE!

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    It's not dumb. We as common people only manage to get maybe 0-20 answers for a typical question. Maybe a little more for a good question. Anything posted on front page might make it the hundreds. But celebrity questions get answers in the thousands.

    It isn't cheap press, though it may be given attention by Yahoo, but that is more to get people to answer it and/or to make it known it is really from a celebrity rather than someone pretending to be one.

    It's trying to speak back to someone that is familiar to inherently all of us (fame has a tendency to do that) and letting others who witness what we wrote. It's also a way to get people to come up with really really good answers.

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    We can keep celebrities from asking dumb questions by the simple means of exterminating every last one.

    I have some small experience in this field, and am currently perfecting a Race of Atomic Supermen to do my will.

    Doctor Death Industries recognises that the modern professional is often too busy to undertake extensive celebrity disposal, and requires a caring and effective service - which will "take out" WHO they want, WHEN they want. We cater for all types of celebrity, from the genuinely-talented but publicity-hungry, to the completely clueless, worthless, talentless media-whore. No job is too petty or meaningless.

    "Dr. Death : the one-stop solution for all your celebrity-extermination needs."

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    Hohohohoho! That's rich!

    We can't even rely on them to put on underwear!

    It's not that the questions are "dumb", as much as they are really basic.

    "What is the best way to promote racial harmony?"

    "How can we stop armed conflict in the world?"

    "Why aren't more people involved in their community?"

    What if a celebrity got up there and asked "When it the time right to overthrow the government?"

    THAT would be interesting

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