Need some help with home theater..........?

If I get the two things below, what cables do I need? What kind of box do I need from my cable provider (and what inputs/outputs does it need for me to get HD programming)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    What you need is 2 HDMI cables and thats it. One into the receiver which should send video and audio and one to the TV

    The TV has 2 HDMI inputs so as long as you don't go more than that you are good.

    The cable box should have an HDMI output to make things simple. my cable company only offers the HDMI with the DVR (Tivo LIke) Box. I would get it just for that if I had to. Just ask for an HD box with an HDMI output

    If you have an older DVD player you will need some component cables (Red, Blue, Green) and an optical or digital coax cable for sound to the receiver but if you buy a new one and I reccommend you do try out the new one from samsung that upconverts. That will also use an HDMI and you will simply plug that into the receiver also.

    I also recommend a battery backup for your setup. That will hep to prolong the life of the lamp and they only cost around a 100 bucks. I used a computer one for mine and it helped my bulb last for over a year. Power conditioner is your choice I do recommend them but usually just a small one.

    Good Luck and have fun

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