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Why does a bear hibernate?

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    To slow their system down in order to compensate for the lack of food. Keeps them from wasting energy and starving to death.

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    Many bears of northern regions are assumed to hibernate in the winter. In medieval times it was believed that they died and were reborn in the spring. While many bear species do go into a physiological state called hibernation or winter sleep, it is not true hibernation. In true hibernators, body temperatures drop to near ambient and heart rate slows drastically, but the animals periodically rouse themselves to urinate or defecate and to eat from stored food. The body temperature of bears, on the other hand, drops only a few degrees from normal and heart rate slows only slightly. They do not wake normally during this "hibernation", and therefore do not eat, drink, urinate or defecate the entire period. Higher body heat and being easily roused may be adaptations, because females bear cubs during this winter sleep

  • bears hibernate because the foods they need are not available in the winter months. mother nature allows for adjustment. the bears eat all the berries, insects, and fish they can during the warm seasons so they can live off their fat in the winter. bears will come out occassionaly on really warm days in the winter. but it's usually just to check to see if winter is over.

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    This is when the female bear gives birth to her cubs. It's a way to slow down their metabolism to get through the winter when the snow is deep and food is scarce.

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    cause they don't want to watch the winter reruns

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    so they can stay safe

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