i have a feeling i'm gonna have the baby early,how will i know f sure?

if im sceduled for a csection will i still have to go through labor?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you are full term and go into labor, they would just go ahead and do the c-section. But if you are preterm, they will try and stop your labor. Best of luck to you and your baby. Merry Christmas

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  • ws_422
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    1 decade ago

    You will start to feel contractions as well as you will begin to nest about 3-5 days before the baby comes. I am pregnant with baby #5 and with every one of them I would start cleaning and cleaning a few days before not to mention the common ones like loosing your mucus plug.If you haven't lost it yet then, after every time you go to the bathroom and wipe yourself look and see if you have any sign of a clear stringy discharge. It can be all at once or a bit at a time and could also have a bit of blood mixed in with it but not much. When this happens that is also a sign that the baby will be coming with in the next week. You said that you were early so if your babies lungs are developed enough and start to go into labor the Dr. will go ahead with the Cesarean. If your going to have a c-section then, you won't have to go through the labor and the pain that you would with a vaginal birth because there isn't any need to have your cervix dilate. Good luck to you. I pray that your labor goes smoothly and you have a health baby.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You will know when it starts to hurt??? I know that is a smart answer, but you cannot control when you are going to go into labor. Visit your doctor regularly. If you are having a c-section for medical reasons, you will schedule it early. And, if for some reason you start contracting, you need to still go to the hospital. They will assess the situation, the baby's health and decide if it is too early for him to come or not. The worst thing you can do is worry. It makes the baby agitated and distressed. He/she knows when you are calm and at peace, and will react the same way. Good Luck!!

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