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Why are Hip-Hop Artist so materialistic?

I really cant think of another type of music that is this into possessions. Why is this?


I didn't say all hip hop artist, Im just referring to the general prevalence of money and hip hop. For example, You dont see many country music stars shouting bling bling.

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    if you got it flaunt it right!?

    I would be frontin if i had all them cars, boots, bags, shoes, diamond rings!!!

    Merry Xmas!

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    The majority of them come from underprivileged backgrounds so they're just making up for lost time. There are other celebs who do the same but people just don't make a big of a deal about it. Look at 50Cent's mansion that was previously owned by boxer Mike Tyson, that house is sick, it's ridiculous! No one squawked about it when Mike Tyson lived in it, people don't say anything about MJ's Neverland Ranch and what about the actors and actresses who own several homes throughout the US, London, the islands (some have even purchased their own private island) and own G-4s (private jets).

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    Well reality is that alot of hip hop rap artists come from the streets,that's how some can bring you that authentic story in their rhymes. I think that some take it too far but alot grew up with very little if anything. so when they make it big some go a little crazy. I think if i hit it big in one way or another I'd go a little crazy as well

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    Every genre of music has it's different style. For example Rock musicians, these guys don't show off how rich they are and stuff like that, their attitude's are mostly very normal.....they behave like normal going people.

    It's just a kind of attitude for the Hip Hop artists to be so materialistic.....some of them in their real life's are not as materialistic as you see them on TV. It's better entertainment.....c'mon think about it, if all entertainer's would just want to show off their real life's on TV, then that isn't entertaining at all.

    For example, look at wrestling. They live totally different lifestyle's while performing....and totally different live's outside the ring. Like pro wrestler, The Undertaker, he ain't no undertaker in his personal life. It's almost simillar like this in the music world as well.

    Hope you got your answer, and sorry if I went out of topic.

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    Not all are.

    U got some gospel rappers.

    Some that specifically rap about being non materialstic (e.g lauryn hill, but there are many others).

    But the ones that are well promoted and commercial are the ones that mostly are like this.

    come on now, you can't comment on a subject you know only half about!

    Well, this is my opinion anyway...

    : )

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    probably the same reason rockers try to look like females and think its sexy..not all rocker but most wear eye liner, long hair and tights... they flaunt their body hip hop artists flaunt their bling..

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    Because it helps them sell more records. All the young people look up to them for their material possessions.

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    ``nouveau riche''

    As soon as their popularilty fades out and are forgotten and their money's all gone they'll be sorry they didn't hire a money manager -- happens to a lot of sports stars too.

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