Hoiw do I build a 3 foot high cinder block wall. I have a cement walk as a base.?

How do I mortar? I have never done this.

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    It's an art, and takes quite a bit of practice to do a good job.

    But, depending on what you are doing it for...you might consider using "surface bonded" block.

    With this method, you only set the first row in mortar, then you stack the rest of the block dry, using strips of metal to shim it level, or dabs of regular mortar. Then, you apply a thin coat of a special surface bonding mortar on both sides with a trowel. The result is actually as strong as a conventional block and mortar wall in compression (down force) and stronger in flex (bending force) it looks good, like stucco.

    Source(s): Personal experience and... http://www.thenaturalhome.com/drystackblock.htm
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    Well, you mix up the mortor mix. It should be fluid, but fairly stiff. Using a triangular trowel, apply a mortor bed of approximately 1/2" to set the first course in. Butter (apply mortor) to the edges of the block set to get the bond between blocks. Make sure you keep everything level using either pulled string or a level. For the rest of the courses, apply a bed of mortor to the top of the course your building off of and to the side of the block your laying against. Set the block in place and use your trowel to tap it down into the mortor until it's straight and level. Scrape off the excess mortor. Each course should be offset from the course under it, so the vertical seam between the blocks don't line up. After the mortor has started to set, you need to go back over the joints with a pointing tool to finish the joints.

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    Check out DIY web site. There is a show on every weekend about using blocks/rocks...I think it is called the Rock guys or something like that. I know you need lots of gravel to fill the blocks and you have to have good drainage behind them so that the water in the ground behind doesn't push the wall out etc. It is a big job, but if you watch it on tv it doesn't seem impossible. Good luck.

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