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Did you feel your baby turn? I am 33 weeks?

Last night I hardly slept at all. I really feel bad this morning. I got up to eat something all though I did not really didn't feel much like eating. I went to the bathroom and there is so much pressure. There is no blood, and my water has not broken. I do have contractions but they are braxton hicks. I couldn’t sleep because my son moves like he has made himself a permanent resident in my womb. I think he has turned as of the past two days and now we may be on the home stretch but did you feel your baby turn?

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    actually the night before last my baby was moving around and i know i felt her turn!when i got up that morning my belly looked lower and i have alot of pressure down there as well!now i feel her kicking me in places she never really has before.mostly in my ribs!ugh!

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    Your baby may have turned. My baby didn't turn until I was 33 weeks but when he did I started feeling way more movement than before, I started having braxton hicks contractions, and feel more pressure where I need to go to the bathroom more often. I am lucky if I get 4 hours of sleep at night. I am now 35 weeks due January 22, 2007.

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    I didn't exactly feel my baby turn, but I could see that she had, and feel sensations that clued me in to this. For instance, she hiccups alot and the sensations were much lower, towards my pelvis, where they had been on my side before (she had been lying transverse). I also looked different, less like a watermellon-shaped belly and more like a basketball, if that makes any sense. Sometimes when I contract the muscles in my belly I can make out a general shape of her bottom and see that she is lying in place. For me this happened at around 27-28 weeks but it can happen later on too...generally I think the later it happens the more you would feel the discomfort because of the baby's size.

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    I had this and it hasnt stopped. Im 40 weeks tomorrow and it is a hell of alot worse now. I sleep 1 - 2 hours a night and the babies movements touch and pull all kinds of nerves and pressure points and stuff. Its horrible i no but grin and bear it not long now and everyone is diferent your baby may settle.

    congrats and good luck.

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    i think i my baby turned when i was sleep ia am 33 weeks too

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