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Im confused...?

I am perceived as a highly confident person, people respect me and I can safely say that I am well-liked. People think that I am an extrovert... but deep inside I feel like I am an introvert coz I am a deep thinker and sometimes I just intentionally act out to look like an extrovert.. or could I be both?

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    You sound like my husband. Introversion and extroversion are more easily understood in terms of where you draw your energy from. Introverts "recharge" by spending time alone; extroverts "energize" from their interactions with others.

    You can be an introvert and still be socially adept. It doesn't necessarily mean that you're comfortable in social situations, but you can still handle yourself well because you're confident and, perhaps, well educated. (Or any of a number of different factors.)

    If you find yourself more often being introspective, enjoying time alone more than you do in social situations, prefer to quietly read a book over yakking with a couple friends at the local coffee house, then it's a good bet you're *predominantly* introverted. But this doesn't, in any way, preclude you from busting out socially now and then.

    But if you prefer to dance, scream and shout, and use your hands to supplement your speech, you're more likely an extrovert. The question to ask yourself is do you feel drained or amped after such situations?

    Don't worry so much about what others may think; you know yourself better than anyone. ; )

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    It's never unusual to have people perceive you in the least likely way. That is because there is the fact that these other people never able behave like you do or simply they don't have that attitude/spirit you've got there. Therefore they can be simply shy and so take you as an extrovert. Being a deep thinker does not make you an introvert though. It's just a quality of an observer. :-) cheers

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    Just cause you are a deep thinker doesn't make you an introvert. If you hide your feelings, and never really express yourself then your an introvert. If your an introvert who intentionally acts out like an extrovert then you are simply trying to remove focus on an internal issue that you are trying to hide by having all focus put on whatever you are doing. Kinda of like dancing the night away while crying on the inside.

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    yes you could be both, you are trying to please others, and keep an image, so you are a deep thinker, but you are so use to being an extrovert, so you have become that for your public. So you might find yourself battleing that later in life, if that is not what you want to be. Actually you should be yourself and let people like you for yourself.

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    Yes, I think it is possible to be both. A good example was Johnny Carson. Of all people, you'd think he would never have been an introvert. But, for him, learning magic and then later getting into entertainment became channels that he successfully used to gain social acceptance. By watching him on the tonight show for many years, I would never have guessed that he considered himself to be an introvert.

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    Think of yourself as able to adapt as the situation warrents. There is no need to label yourself as one thing. The perception that you have of yourself will almost always be different from how others perceive you, and that is fine. The way they see you is almost completly based off of external behavior, while you alone are aware of what is occuring on the inside.

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    I don't care what anyone says everyone has a duel side even if they show it or they don't. I think you're normal and just like everyone else; it could be your humorous side shining through when you least expect it, I wouldn't think too much on it and give it much energy trying to analize it just accept it and be happy of who you are, it is a part of you so enjoy it. Unless you are acting out on purpose and/or maybe acting out to get attention then I'd seriously give it some thought...

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    WOW - someone like me!! Great to see.

    Introvert =)

    with the desire to be an extrovert

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    .claim them both

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