wut's a good Christmas gift for a 17 year old kid?


thanx for everyone's answers so far. i appreciate it.

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    an mp3 player or if he/she already has one an i-tune gift card which you can get at best buy or circuit city. or a simon gift card which you can get at any simon mall (go to www.simon.com to find one near you) which you can get for as little as $20 to as much as $500. An that can be used online or at any store that takes a visa. And its re-loadable so if they want to continue to use it like say to shop online they can keep it forever and just go to any simon mall to re-load.

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    This is a response from a 17 year old:

    Cash (especially if you don't know much about the person), gift certificates to a favorite store (such as JC Penny or a department store for girls that love fashion, or a video game store like Game Spot, or a music store, or a book store if they like reading), CD's of the person's favorite artist (just make sure they don't already have that), an ipod or mp3 player (if they don't have that), any book the person might be interested in reading if known to be a book worm, video games, DVD's to their favorite movie they don't have (if they like watching movies), anything that contributes to a hobby of theirs (like an art set, or kareoke machine- if they like that stuff).

    Jewelry is a good present for girls, and perhaps clothing if you are confident you know how she dresses. There's also perfume too.

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    wow..so many variables...what kind of kid they are all so different. Gift card to a book store or music store (actually Borders and Barnes and Noble has books and music so its a great choice). Gift certificate to Ticket Master..how about a card for a gas station..if they drive that would be awesome teenagers always need money for gas..

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    Cold Hard Cash

    Gift Certificate to Hollister mainly for girl

    Gift Certificate to EB games mainly for boy

    Gift Certificate to TARGET



    Sports stuff

    perfume or axe

    movie tickets w/cash

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It depends if he/she is interested in games id say a Wii or a ps2/3

    If in fashon than an expensive or (cheap) beautifll sute/dress

    If in music than an Ipod or some thing like that!

    Or just give him/her something thay have bin asking for.

    Or a nice car or some thing expensive!

    merry Xmas ;)

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    Electronics stuff. If there into that. u know like the ipod and the wii. or if Ur in America probably the PS3. (i dunno if its released there yet) or maybe a gift certificate to their favorite store but a good amount not a pathetic 5 or 10 pound voucher or maybe the good old favorite cash

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    I would say a gift card for some store or maybe some concert tickets. Even movie passes would do. That should work. Good luck and Happy Holiday's.

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    i am not 17

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    Source(s): 5 kids and several nieces and nephews
  • j.j.
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    a new wii they are great and price starts at around £179.00

    i would like one of them any way .

    also for a 17 year old you cant beat driving lessons or a car .

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