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who can help me find companies in Calgary, AB thats searching for a Web designer?

i am asking for someone can help me find companies that is in need of web designers? Thank you!


By next year first qtr of 2007 i'll be moving in Calgary, the reason why I am asking for someone who can help me find companies looking for web designer due I don't wanna leave my boyfriend for so long. I knew there somebody out there understand me which you don't want to be away with your love one. Again, companies that is willing to work on the papers hiring someone from foreign country. Please help me. Thanks for kind hearted people. :)

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    Try Monster.ca and when making your search only select Calgary AB, and under the section of types of jobs, select computer software, you can sign up for free, set it so your resume is seen by only people looking for personnel in Calgary.

    HRDC is alright but that is the up to the moment jobs, also a number of agencies like Addecco, and others have offices in the area, and I have my resume on Workopolis, they have a search area for the same single or mulitiple citys, I am a MCSE and A+ tech, but I am 50 so I can kiss any good jobs good bye here or out west.

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    Calgary is BOOM TOWN. You won't have a problem but I am sorry I dont know how to direct you. Calgary is a great place to live other than the rents, lineups and occasional cold weather. But we do get a ton of sun and people are very friendly. ANd the boom won't last forever.

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    This is the government job bank service. You can search all jobs anywhere in the country by date, category, and location. You can also apply for and submit resumes for jobs.

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    Here are all the web designer jobs listed in craigslist.org:


    Best of luck and welcome to Calgary!

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