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i have got new hairstyle and its not looking good on me what to do?

yesterday i got my new hair cut and now i m feeling very bad. Its too short and not looking good on me for a girl its very important to have a good hairstyle. I have black hair on wheatish skin its looking flacky and bad plz suggest something

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    It takes time to familiarize with your new hairstyle, but if you really do not like your hairstyle, why not speak with your hairdresser ?

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    Every1 always hates their hairstyles at first. Stick it for another week or to. It'll probably take some getting used to. Try stylying it different ways or wear accessories in our hair to make it look chic and girly. Once it grows a tiny bit you will love it. If this doesnt work try headscarves but let it grow before you let another stylist at it.

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    you can go back to the salon and tell them u r not happy with the results. but if you do not want to go shorter, u just have to grow it out. sometimes, it takes a few days to get used to a new hairstyle, so u may want to give it some time. headbands are very fashionable right now, u can use a large headband and tats gonna look very chic while it grows out.

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    i never think so, you know hair will grow easily ,and just relax ,it is very good to have a new hair cut .

    it is something diffent from before, ther is a big change, dont worry about this,more,you can wear a shirt which suits you and covers your neck. perhaps it makes you a bit calm ,

    also you can have a beautiful make up in order to cancel it .:))))

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    My suggestion is this... wear it like you love it! If you walk around with confidence, it doesn't matter what your hair looks like, people will assume that you love it and it was exactly what you were going for!!

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    well wear a cap or scarf to hide the damage and oi and take care of your hair so that it grows out real quick

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    Get a nice hat.

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    Try using some clippers and shaving your head.

    Start fresh from the roots.

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    change it!!!!!!!!

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