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is this a bad christmas gift for a teenage guy?

He has a beemer and he has two shag rugs in the front so people dont get his mats dirty...

well i was thinking about getting him rubber bmw mats so that would solve the problem...


and he works for his car so dont say any crap like " he doesnt need anything else" or "he's spoiled"

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    considering bwm's are the best cars EVER.

    that's a bluddy GREAT pressie!

  • A kid with a beemer needs to get out of Mommy and Daddy's house and find out what the real world is like. He doesn't need anything. Wish him a Merry X-mas and make a donation to a charity in his name -- help out the folks that really need something and will appreciate it.

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    A teenage guy who already has a BMW obviously has more than he needs already....

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    wait let me get this straight he is teenager and he has a bmw ok

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    i bet he loves his car!!! so anything that goes in it he would love that!!!

    good luck

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