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I would like to have a PSP for this Christmas?

but my father doesn't accept that. He said that I must study hard and not allow to play any games, i mean video games. In fact i'm a good student at school, just sometimes made somes mistakes. What can i do now? I really want a PSP for this Christmas.

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    I wish I could be of more help, but I feel they are too expensive. If your family has the means to spend that kind of money on a toy, then I'd have to say you're petty lucky anyway. But I suppose if that is you lifestyle, then plead your case. Point out all the hard work you have done and efforts you have made to resolve the mistakes you've made and accomplish goals.


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    Write a letter to Santa

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    Just save up your money and buy your own.

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    Well maybe if you wait until you graduate and can pay for it yourself.

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