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Christians- Have any of you read Heaven is so real by sister Choo Thomas?

I have and did not agree with some of the things in the book, although it was a fairly good book. Do you think she was decieved by Satan or do you think it was Jesus that took her to heaven in her spirit body? As the bible says Satan comes as an angel of light.

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    If there is such a book, then it's an utter crock of shite.

    There is no heaven, anymore than there is a hell, or an Oz or a Narnia. They are ALL imaginary places.


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    It's a good book. I can say that it is pretty accurate. To say there is no heaven or hell would be a tragic error. I can tell you from personal experience, as well as other people's, that I am absolutely sure there is a spirit within every human body and that spirit can leave the body... how do I know? I have experienced it. The spirit realm, demons, angels, heaven, hell, God, and Jesus are all ABSOLUTELY real. I am one-hundred percent sure of this, because of the incredible things I have experieced. The reason people are atheist, is because they haven't seen what is really going on in the world and the spirit realm around us... and man let me tell you... it is all real!!

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    As an obvious atheist, i would like to reply to the Yoda guy. I just have one question. If you belive in nothing, then why are you living? what is your purpose? to live, suffer, then die? Can you really think of a good reason to endure life just so u can die and be nothing? There is none. Also, its hard to deny the overwhelming evidence against all of this happening by "chance" to ignore that would truly mean that your belief is based on ignorance

    To respond to the actuall question, The book was a good book,howeer of course there are a few things that could be discussed and argued. Every denomonation would belive and dissagree with certain aspects of the book however whats important is the main goal and point of the book, Learn that and you have accomplished the reason for reading.

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    i've got not study that e book yet, yet i'm going to seem out for it. As a Christian, i'm additionally quite excited approximately Jesus' return to earth. Allthough God is the only one that knows whilst which will take place, I now and back basically get the good feeling that it is going to likely be interior the subsequent one hundred years. only one element i opt to permit you already know. you may remain focussed on God and his return, yet stay now. do no longer in basic terms sit down and watch for Him to come again. might God bless you

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