Why do some fuses not work at all?

I live in a pre-war, 2BR apartment in Queens, NY. While there are 6 fuses in the box, the whole place seems to be wired to only 3 of them, with 2 definitely doing nothing at all.

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  • john t
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    1 decade ago
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    PreWar must mean the screw in glass fuses with the small metal strip under the glass that tell if they are good? First, i would contact the landlord and bring it to their atttention, u know out of sight out of mind. Second if it is wired that way as u say then it is a fire hazard, and usually there are a lot at this time of the year because of christmas light overload. Third if landlord is slow or dont care, u can dheck your lease for the legal gumbo and send letter to give them notice of time to correct or be corrected. U know as small a task as this is your life is at stake.

    U can buy a cheap electric tester from the hardware store and check if unused fuses are good and move wiring to new fuses.

    If u have no DYI experience watch out and contact an electrician.

    U mentioned 6 fused in the box, 3 useddd, 2 nothing, what is the other doing?

  • 1 decade ago

    Have you taken off the cover of the box to see if any wires run to those fuses?

    If they are not being used, you might consider splitting up some of your circuits to spread the load around. This will cause fewer fuses blowing. Look for any fuses with more than one wire to them (not a recommended practice at all) or junction boxes with multiple wires into them and only one set of wires coming out to the fuse box.

  • zen522
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    1 decade ago

    You say you live in a apartment ( more then one living unit) could the other fuses be for the apartment(s)?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hire an electrician because you do not have a clue.

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