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Did u like the movie "Deja vu"?

....if u want my own opinion i'd say anything which comes out 4rom Denzel washington is (no matter what) EXCELLENT....!

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    I loved it. Denzel Washington is a great actor.

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    I'm a 100% with you about Denzel.Although i didn't like the story very much(i found very silly the thing with the time machine)i loved the way he acted,he's one of the best after all ;)

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    Man that $hit was off the chain!!! 2 thumbs up!!

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    I was gonna watch it on Sunday night but me & my frends decided to watch Casino Royale instead!

    It was a bit of a disappointment!

    Merry Xmas!

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    Awesome, I don't think this movie colud have been better.

  • Anonymous
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    Its great Ive seen it twice.

    For anyone that is interested, hear is a synopsis. Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) is an ATF agent who is called in to recover evidence in the investigation of a New Orleans ferry bombing. After finding evidence that shows it was terrorism, Doug finds the body of Claire Kuchever (Paula Patton), staged to look as if she too died in the bombing. Investigating the possible lead, Doug heads to her house to gather evidence. While there, he discovers bloody gauze and towels, a message on her refrigerator saying "U CAN SAVE HER," and that, for whatever reason, she called his office shortly before the bombing. Confused, he helps the FBI with the ferry investigation and finds out his partner was also killed in the bombing. FBI Agent Pryzwarra (Val Kilmer) recruits him to participate in a special task force, in the process revealing a futuristic device that allows one to observe anywhere four days and six hours in the past. According to the investigative team's explanation, the device (which is supposedly a composite of satellite images and other surveillance) cannot be fast forwarded or rewound due to the immense volumes of data being streamed. In other words, the team has a single opportunity to look into the past before the data is lost. Pryzwarra's team asks Doug to show them where to look in order to catch the culprit responsible for the ferry bombing. As they wait for the four days to happen so they can see the ferry bombing, Doug has them watch Claire and discovers how she came to be involved; the bomber wanted to buy her car to use for the bombing. Doug grows suspicious of the device when the observed Claire begins to exhibit paranoia and notes that she feels as if "someone is watching" her. Suspecting that the device is more than a surveillance tool, he shines a laser pointer into the screen. Claire notices the beam just before the entire device crashes and is forced to reboot. Doug confronts the team, and demands an explanation for the machine, which he has realized is far more than a computer composite. The team admits that the machine is actually a tool capable of bending or folding time and space. In essence, they direct the flow of time back upon itself, enabling them to view past events through a wormhole. Doug immediately begins to question the possibility of them affecting the past either through a direct transportation (time travel), or through the communication of some sort of note or message. The team is initially skeptical but it quickly becomes apparent that there is no concrete theory on how they might influence the past or what they are capable of achieving. Doug persuades them to send a note through the device to the past version of himself, hoping that the 'anonymous tip' will lead his previous self to prevent the bombing. Unfortunately, the note reaches his partner in the past (who had been thought killed in the ferry bombing). The team proceeds to watch the chilling scene of the partner attempting to apprehend the suspect, but instead being killed in the process. An argument erupts over whether tampering with the past has just killed a federal agent, but cooler heads argue that he was already pre-destined to die on the ferry. Nonetheless, the evidence the team gathers eventually allows them to identify and catch the bomber. Doug questions the bomber in order to get a taped confession, engaging in lengthy dialog that delves into the bomber's philosophy and mindset.

    After catching the bomber, Doug is angry that Claire must still die when she could have possibly been saved. The agency wants the machine shut down for now, but before they do so, Doug illicitly uses it to send himself into the past to save the lives of Claire and of all the people aboard the doomed ferry. He succeeds in preventing Claire's death, but is wounded in the process, and so returns to her home to treat his wounds. At her home, he realizes that he was the one responsible for setting the entire chain of events off in the first place, i.e., he was the one who left the "U CAN SAVE HER" note and was the source of the bloody bandages. In essence, everything he witnessed in the present had already been changed by his going back into the past. Despite this unsettling information, the two race to preventing the bomb on the ferry from detonating. Claire waits behind as Doug moves in to diffuse the bomb, but spots the bomber racing back to the ferry, tipped off to Doug's presence when he notices their vehicle parked nearby. She too races to the ferry, only to be cornered and caught by the bomber once again. The bomber ties her to the driver's wheel of the bomb-rigged SUV before initiating a shoot-out with Doug and security personal on the ferry to ensure the detonation of the explosive. As the Doug and gunman stalk each other, Doug motions to Claire to start the SUV. The gun battle appears to be headed for a climax until Doug suddenly begins quoting dialog from his interrogation of the bombing suspect. Doug shows his hands and exposes himself, confronting the bomber with his own beliefs, dialog, and rhetoric. The suspect seems to have a moment of memory and deja vu, even though this previous version of himself was never interrogated. The bomber prepares to gun Doug down, but as he does Claire gases the SUV and pins him between the grill and another vehicle. Doug takes the split second of opportunity of finish the suspect with one well-placed head shot. Having killed the bomber, Doug and Claire drive the SUV with the bomb into the water to prevent it from damaging the ferry. Claire is able to escape the car, but Doug remains trapped inside as it explodes. However, as Claire waits to be questioned about her involvement, Doug's past self (with no memory of the alternate past and future) comes up to question her before the two drive off. Claire recounts something Doug had said to her after saving her from the bomber. Doug seems to remember, but then laughs the feeling off, apparently thinking he has experienced deja vu.

    Source(s): wikipedia
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