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When you buy glasses...?

they sometimes have things printed on the lenses... is this peel-off stuff or are you expected to scrape it off?

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    if you peel it off, you can damage the lens, try using warm water solution may cause it to loosen without harming them. it wil also help "peel easier."

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    That's usually just the display frames...if you are buying glasses without a prescription just for looks, I know people that just pop those and wear them rims...I have prescribed ones and the glass has nothing on it. If you just bought them and don't want to pop the lenses for more of the up close real look, then just scrape it off I'd say but it may leave scratch marks and you would be better off asking somewhere if they will cut generic ones, but i don't know how costly that is.

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    you have to peel it off, it was because of the company that manufactured...If you think it looks cool keep it on

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    don't know

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