How do I solve the ravenhearst musicroom?

In Mystery Case Files - Ravenhearst, how do I solve the puzzle to unlock the music room?

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    Is that the one with an elephant piggybank and some bellows with lips on the end? If so hope this helps

    Press the red "on" button in the middle of the screen and the doors in front of the "clickers" at the top left corner open up so reveal three dice. Use each clicker to light up the number of bars that corresponds to the dice below. Once all three done, a coin comes out and the bellows move up a notch.

    Repeat until the "lips" on the bellow reach the mouthpiece on the tube, press the bellows which make musical notes fall out on the the paper below.

    Then just hit all the notes on the keyboard up top and the door opens - well, that worked for me when I did it :)

    Hope that helps!

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