Is there a waiting period before you can marry in a Catholic Church ?

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    The Catholic Church usually wants an engaged couple to contact the church six months in advance of the marriage and requires a pre-marriage class.

    The Church takes Marriage very seriously, it is a sacrament, and makes sure the engaged couple does too.

    With love in Christ.

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    Be careful; the catholic cult requires marriage classes. You see, the Catholic Church is even trying to get into your bedroom, telling you what is legal in the eyes of the Nazi pope and the pedophile priests. But if you have a male child, the pedophile priests will be your boy’s best friend, indoctrinating him into the Mickey Mouse Club's rear entrance, not having to pay. It is called a freebie.

    With love in Christ.

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    yes. first you meet with the priest and take a test to see if you understand what it takes to be married. After that you you set the date and you would then enroll in pre-cana. After that you are ready good luck

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    Yes. Talk to your priest.

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    yeah.... i think so!

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