Hypothetical question: What would you do?

If you had enough money and had promised to buy your newly-wed son or daughter a house, then you heard that the child of a single parent in the poorer part of town would soon die unless s/he had costly surgery; assuming there is no other way the mother can pay for the surgery, would you break your promise to your own child to save another?

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    i think you would know what's the best thing to do.

    i was working night shift before,

    i always take home food or a toy to my little brother everynight.

    On his birthday i promised him we'd go 2 the

    nearest amusement part, but on my way home that night

    there was a terrible accident on the high-way.

    Nobody cares to help, i took the person in the nearest hospital..

    stayed till everything's ok, then got home & my brother has fallen

    asleep waiting on the couch.

    The following morning- i was surprised he woke me up.

    he told me he's glad im OK, he was thinking something bad happend 2 me.

    i hugged him so tight... nearly cried. he exclaimed b4 he went to prep school- "let's save the amusement park when i turn 7."

    that's how i knew i did the right thing.

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    First of all, I wouldn't make such a promise to my child. I think far too many children these days have a sense of entitlement and have no idea what it's like to earn the right to have material things. They've always had everything just handed to them and think that because Mom & Dad have it, they're automatically entitled to have the same thing... forget the fact that Mom & Dad have worked their butts off for years to get what they have!!! Nobody just handed them a blank cheque.

    Mom & Dad are not doing their children any favors by teaching them that they don't have to work for what they have either.

    I'd give the money to the person who needs the surgery. My kids are old enough to fend for themselves and they can have whatever money I have left after I pass on.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hypothetically, I would discuss it with my child and their new spouse and let the three of us come to a decision. GBYou

  • 1 decade ago

    Hopefully I raised my child to be charitable. I would discuss it with him/her and go from there.

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