which is better Intel® Core TM 2 Duo Processor T2050 or Intel® Core TM Duo ProcessorT2050?

i am buying a laptop with duo processor.

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    u seem to be making a mistake in processor numbering

    the t2050 is an earlier core duo processor, not a core 2 duo

    core 2 duo processor numbers are t5x00 & t7x00

    > difference is core 2 duo processors are 64 bit processors v/s 32 bit for the core duo's

    further, fsb for the t2050 is 533 mhz

    whereas it is 667 mhz for the core 2 duo, as well as the later core duo's

    however the t7x00 series stand out because of their awesome 4 mb l2 cache

    the t2x00 / t2x50 & t5x00 have only 2 mb l2 cache

    complete specs of 2 processors

    i. core duo t2050 > 1.60 ghz, 533 mhz fsb, 2 mb l2 cache

    ii. core 2 duo t7200 > 2.0 ghz, 667 mhz fsb, 4mb l2 cache

  • 1 decade ago

    Core TM 2 Duo processor comes with 4MB, L2 cache

    more faster than Core TM Duo processor comes with 2MB, L2 Cache.

  • 1 decade ago

    hi frnd, According to me,INTEL core TM 2 duo Processor is best compared with the other one bcoz its more faster and its not tat expensive when compared with the otherone INTEL CORE 2 duo is the best in speed bcoz it has 2 duo processors....

  • jan
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    1 decade ago

    Core 2 Duo is newer and better than Core Duo.


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  • 1 decade ago

    The t5x00 only has 2MB L2 cache the t7x00 has 4MB L2 cache.

    Source(s): www.intel.com/products/processor_number/proc_info_table.pdf
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