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I have a 13 week old schnauzer was neglected when I got her. I am a nurse and on 1 day a week I work 12 hours

Currently trying to potty train her, I have a crate that she continuously goes to the bathroom in , even if I take her out all the time. I come home on lunch break after her being confined for 5 hours and then again after 4 hours, she is still going in her crate. She is being fed Iams puppy food (hard). I praise her all the time after she has gone potty outside. When I take her out I tell her to "go potty" most times she does both, not all the time. What am I doing wrong. Also, I can stay out there for 30 minutes and wait for her to poop and she won't 5 minutes in the house and she will.

I live in Illinois, weather varies from snow.

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    It's very possible that her crate is too big for her giving her enough space to sleep and toilet. Most dogs will not toilet where they sleep but if they weren't given a choice when very young, they get into the bad habit.

    Try a crate that's just large enough for her to sleep in for a few weeks to get her out of the habit.

    For more info or if you have questions, you should try the schnauzer message boards or you could mail I know the person who owns that site has more experience with schnauzers (giants and minis) than anyone I know and she's very helpful. :)

    Good luck!!

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    Hey there. Well, since you can't grow eyes in the back of your head, you'll need to watch your pup constantly when you first bring her in from an unsuccessful trip outside. The second she starts to look like she's going to go potty, scoop her up and take her out!!! Bring really outrageous treats with you for when she's pottying outside (chicken, steak, cheese, etc) You will need an enzyme cleaner (Nature's Miracle is a good one) to help to clean up so there are no leftover smells. And is there any way for you to put her in doggy day care for your one long work day? That should help a lot.

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    Your dog is much too young to wait for four or five hours. Is there anyone who can come in and let her out in between? I am not a proponent of crate usuage myself. Always take her to the exact same spot each time you take her out. If she goes in the house never punish her for this.The dog doesn't connect it with going in the house. She just feels she has been punished for going period. Always pick up the mess and take it outside to the spot you wish her to go. I have 5 dogs all in the house and never have any accidents. I did have a rather challenging doberman which I rescued who would not stop but was not a puppy. I refused to give him a chance to make a mistake by keeping him on a leash and right with me all day. In no time at all he caught on. Always remember that our animals want to please us and that when they don't it is always because they don't understand what is wanted of them. Iams is good, Iams Eukanuba is better. You will notice a better coat. Keep up with the praise.It is certainly the best way of showing them they have done the right thing.

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    Try to stop feedings when your not home feed her about 45 minutes before you have to leave and take her out side when she is done eating and on your break if you do they while most likely have to go 10 minutes after they eat just like most people pupps use the bathroom more and less the older they get.

    P.S feed her more when you have time to be around they grow to be larger if they eat alot when they are pupps.

    Source(s): dog owner for many years.
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    This puppy has had the surgical operation already. So its as much as you in case you opt to purchase this puppy. it is going to a puppy purely so any throughts of showing him are actually out of the question. in case you in no way needed a puppy to instruct than this puppy would be suitable for you. I owuld ask the breeder if it may be ok in case you need to deliver the puppy on your vet for a glance over befor finding out to purchase it. Or no longer less than communicate along with her vet as to any issues this would reason to thepup interior the destiny. I additionally sense the cost she is looking remains too intense for a puppy with one in each and every of those subject. it particularly is her job to superb any problems with a puppy by using any potential achieveable previously it particularly is offered, so the cost shouldn't mirror this correction. If this puppy is to be your puppy than think of approximately it and then make up your techniques. stable success!

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    Your not doing anything wrong just give her more time.. If she was neglected before you got her she needs more time to train.

    Try feeding her at the same time everyday if possible, give her like a half hour each day 3X's a day to eat..

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