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Is there anything left on earth to discover?

With so many people and the fact that people can go any place at any time there must not be a place left that has not been explored.

What could possibly be found on earth now?


WOW, there are still many places to look.

I will keep looking for the reports but i won't e going there myself.

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    There are sections of NYC and LA that no one dares to go, no one civilized, that is, so yes!

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    There are places that are quite inhospitable or difficult to reach, and which very likely have never been set foot on.

    I'll state with reasonable certainty that Antarctica is not well-explored, that much of the Sahara hasn't been set foot on, and that there are places in the Amazon that no one has ever seen.

    This only takes into account the areas of this planet that are above sea level. 2/3 of the earth is submerged. There are ancient civilizations that once existed on dry land that now lie just offshore in the Bosporus. We live on a wonderful and fascinating planet, and there is no way it has given up all its secrets ;)

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    A lot of things have not been explored. The depths of the ocean. Under the polar ice caps. Beneath the earth's surface. Deep in the jungle. These are things that people are starting to explore. If all things had been discovered, we would have found all of those ships that sank, and all of those planes that have crashed. Explorers are always finding new species of things in the dense forests of South America.

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    The depth of the ocean is unexplored as the pressure is so great it would crush us instantly, Antarctica is the only continent remaining that is prohibited from oil extraction and landscape damage, there may well be MANY atoms we have not discovered yet deep down in the earth that have been created by nuclear fusion and yet we cannot access them because they are far too hot, there are all sorts of herbal plant-life in the amazon which have not been explored since people are far too content to just desolate it for wood and farming, so the answer is yes, there is lots yet to discover, and i think one of them which is most important is a connection between us and the earth because humans seem to just pillage our earths resources and care not for the consequences to the land they have caused...wait isn't that the characteristic of...a parasite?!

    Hope this helps! :D

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    See the movie "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" Or better yet read the book - Jules Verne.

    They are still finding new species in the rain forests & in the ocean. It was only recently that plants were discovered at great depths in the ocean that survive without light - leaving scientists to rethink their theories on how life began!

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    Deep sea is still a mystery. So many living organisms that survive under extreme conditions have no explanations. There are places in dense rainforests that no man has ever been on. One day in the near future we will be able explore more with growing technology.

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    The ocean floors on the Earth have not been completely mapped or explored. They could be the only frontier left on Earth.

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    The ocean is still mostly unexplored. They only caught a giant squid fairly recently. There are still remote jungle tribes living in the stone age, untouched by western civilisation. In indonesia West Papua, for example.

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    Only 2% of all microscopic life has been discovered and identified. That leaves 98% of life forms that outnumber us overpopulating humans by several magnitudes. Microbiology is the future!

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    theirs a lot of issues left to discover, i does no longer doubt if we do not even recognize one/2 of the secrets and techniques/ wonders of the earth. the first element in my opinion that we favor to discover in spite of the undeniable fact that is how smug human beings like you should imagine that all of us recognize each and everything.

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    the deepest parts of the oceans have never been explored...and we will not know what could possibly be found on earth now until it is found, now won't we...???

    if we knew what could be found...then it wouldn't be a "rather shocking" discovery, would it, Dr. Livingstone???..

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