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Why do I have stretch marks?

I'm 17, 5'11, weigh 150 pounds, and I've had stretch marks since i was 14. Why is that? I haven't lost or gained weight suddenly nor have I grown really fast. Is there anything I can due to get rid or diminish the appearance of the stretch marks? Please help because it's very visible when I'm wearing shorts. Should I start running on treadmills to get rid of 10 pounds?


actually i'm a male

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    having stretch marks it is also found to be genetic. i'm your age, a little bit shorted and a little havier. i do not have stretch marks and my weight is based on my body type and the amound of exersice i procede every day. as other people have left you comments, stretch marks can be caused due to inelasticity of your skin. UNfortunatelly, most creams and lotions don't work. i know, i know, but hte commercials say that they work. if you are really concern about your body and you really wanna do something about it, then you should use losions that have Vitamin E, a LOT OF Vitamin E. These woudl be the only products that can help you get rid of your current problem.

    i hope i answered your question. i actually also have a small reveal of stretch marks and it is on my boobs because after i stopped doing profesional swimming my brests grew back too fast. i am using the treatment that i just listed above. Vitamin E, that's what should be in your mind and for better result use it at least twice a day. results guaranteed!!!!!!

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    Stretch marks appear when there is no stability in your weight! for example you lost weight by dieting w/o exercising!

    Plus, your skin type support it! some people never get stretch marks and others do!

    The best way to avoid stretch marks is to exercises and built muscles so you wont have them in the future!

    while there isn't much out there to remove stretch marks, there are laser treatments that will make the appearance finer!

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    I have a friend who has stretch marks and he's never ever been overweight. He just grew on the insides faster than on the outsides.

    Stretch marks never go away, but they show up more if they are exposed to the sun.

    You will need to have plastic surgery to remove them. You'll never regret it!

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    Stretch marks are permanent . . . skin has stretched beyond the elasticity point . There is no going back.

    Ask any woman who has been pregnant.

    Prevention is the only option.

    Welcome to the real world of grown ups !

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    To prevent stretch marks and scars effectively use cocoa butter or a mixture of olive oil and herbs. You can find more cheap and natural remedies for stretch marks and scars at

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    a dermatologist can lighten them with laser treatment

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    women grow up and our body changes

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    i think is in your nature

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