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Is this normal?

It seems that I try to complicate my life as much as possible, in the past I have been involved with a divorced mother of 3 in the workplace who was involved in multiple relationships.

It seems to me that I have the character that when life is boring i'm miserable and try and complicate it with things like above. Is this normal?

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    Yes my friend, for people like us it is! We were meant for jobs like firemen, ambulance techs and E.R. nurses. Take this knack you have for finding turmoil and make it work to your advantage.

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    Nope, you’re a “drama Queen”…and “commitment phobic” so you hit on safe women who can’t get involved with you.

    figure out why you aren’t happy unless yer life’s all screwed up. it ain’t normal.

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    once you figure out that life is basically boring and repetitive then maybe you'll quit trying to make it something it isn' is peppered with exciting and wonderful moments and that is the spice of life...if it were exciting all the time then you'd have an ulcer. enjoy the boredom as well as the excitement

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    Nope... But she sounds like fun.. :D

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