i am 38 weeks pregnant and only measuring 36 weeks and got to go for a scan also i have had my show for 4days?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You cannot believe all ultrasounds when measuring babies. With my 5th child I had asked for an ultrasound as I was scared of having a big baby again, as she did alot of damage to me. I was supposed to have a caeser if he was ove 7 1/2 lbs. when I had the ultrasound they said he was a small bubba and will barely make 7 lb. I thought great I will have him naturally, he turned out 8lb 2oz, you can never belive them, things when it comes to size. All babies are born different sizes.

    If you are starting the show your labour is on its way. If no labour pains have started I would get checked.

    Good luck with your new little bub

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    1 decade ago

    I wouldn't be too alarmed, it is only an estimate of whether you are 36 or 38 weeks pregnant. Either way you are at at safe time to deliver your baby. 36 weeks and up is pretty much full term. It sounds like you are losing the mucous membrane at your cervix. This can take days or hours. It is normal, and it will have blood in it so don't fret. Once you start to feel some lower back pain this will tell you that it is the onset of labor. What you are describing sounds perfectly normal to me. So don't panic and have a beautiful baby!!!!! P.S. If your water breaks, go to the hospital quickly. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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