How do you do research for projects?

I am 1st year law student,it is very essential for us to make good publishable projects.We all are not Einenstines to come up with our own therious.So does it invovle reading lots of material and then writing in our own words all that you have read.Or doing empirical research and analysing the data we have collected?

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    Probably a bit of both. You usually read lots of material and critically review it (not just write it in your own words) and develop your own hypothesis from what you have read. Then you do your own empirical reseach to prove/disprove your hypothesis.

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    Simple thing is to apply something practically what that is in books. See u can select a topic that can be practically evaluated but not ventured for the same till date. I am sure you will come up with good inferences like Einstein. To select the topic you can either do a continuation of an earlier thesis done in your university, or your guide can help you, or you can refer to a latest law magazine which will give you burning topics

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    1. Focus the real topic.

    2. Cover the real stories for law you are praticing.

    3. Use other's project as guiding curve like to cover more important points and statements to them.

    4.Discuss to the your guider professor.

    5. Make the project specification.

    6. Cover the Every major aspects of your project.

    7. Discuss with to you senoirs and your well wishers.

    8. Do not reveal your ideas to others they may theft it from you.

    9. Be quit untill you finfish your project.

    10. Listens other's ideas and views regard your project but

    11. Do not make any 'statement' regard either your or else projects

    12. Do not say your your friends that "you and your project both of you are useless" it will make you trouble.

    13. Do not react in openions which are not interested by you.

    14. Do not be fool by reacting to other's project even that if it si better than your's one.

    ********** BEST OF LUCK ***************

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    You have to research on the Internet or in the library. You must first know what you most interested in (like Chemistry, Physics and etc...) and then research on that certain topic on projects most related to that.

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    well you have to do some research in internet,library or you can read some newspaper because it is really important especially you are in that course which is law. through it you can have your own opinion and with it you can also express yourself and you can explore things.or maybe you can shift to other course if you dont like doing those things (just kidding) okies

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    select area first.

    identify scope from selected area.

    define objective of problem

    collect literature

    frame methodology





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