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Do twins have the same fingerprints and iris patterns?

identical twins

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    NO - each twin or anybody has a unique finger print and iris pattern.

    Also Identical twins have fingerprints that can be readily distinguished on close examination.

    However, the prints do have striking similarities.

    In fact, before the arrival of modern genetic testing, similarity of fingerprints was often used to determine whether twins were identical or fraternal. (Identical twins, you'll recall, are genetic duplicates who develop from a single egg. Fraternal twins develop from separate eggs and are no more closely related than ordinary siblings, except that they spend nine months sharing an extremely small bedroom.)

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    No one has the same fingerprints, even identical twins.

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    not usually, however there is a pair of twin in that have the same exact fingerprints.

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    Do Twins Have Same Fingerprints

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    No they do not,everyones fingerprints are unique.The reason why they are different is because of the pressure of the fluid in the womb.

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    no. no two beings have the same fingerprints.

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