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What toys might occupy a chicken?

My flock of 7 won't be getting out in the yard much this winter, and I worry about leaving them 'cooped up' all day. They have a six-foot long run, but I'd like to make it a more interesting place for them to live, if I can.

I don't believe there is any place which sells toys for chickens...I'm probably crazy for even thinking it. But there has to something I can make for them which will provide entertainment during long days in the coop. Can you think of anything?

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    I was thinking about these ball like toys, which you can fill with treats and they fall out when being moved. What I did with my grandpas chicken was, hang a bunch of dandelions (or other coveted food) up, so it is just out of reach and let them jump for it. It is entertaining to watch, keeps them busy and fit :)

    I dont think you are crazy, for I think it perfectly possible that chickens can get bored.

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    The first persons answer was good. If you cant find the ball he is talking about you can try wrapping string around some cabbage or some fruit and hang it up. When they peck at it, it will swing make one a little high so they have to jump. They also like the color red, an apple would be good.

    Source(s): experenced with my own hen folck for years.
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    Buy a cat & leave it in thier cage, everyday for an hour, it'll get those chicks runnin' in no time :P

    U can also buy a new plazma T.V & put there there , just remember to tune it on Animal planet lol

    n'if you have any old magazines, leave them there, they may get bored at the end of the day & feel like reading.

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    They are chickens They are just happy they are not being made EXTRA CRISPY. don't worry about them getting bored. It is not like they are going to use all that extra time to plot a take over of your farm.

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    not sure but make sure if u made any toys for them its not something dangerous like plastic that they cud peck at, eat n choke on

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    dont give any toys to the chickens they might eat them which can prove to be dangerous

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