Funding for setting up an English Language School in London??

My husband has a real passion for setting up his own English language School. Hes ran a School before and knows all the in's and out's of it. He has so much potential and dedication but NO MONEY!!! Does anyone know of any reputable businesses or funding body that would fund such a project??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your husband needs to do some networking himself. If it is his passion he will go above and beyond. Make appointments with influential people in your community. They are the people most likely to fund something.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    attempt to lookup techniques on state universities they are going to be greater value-effective, as long as they have the word state interior the call, additionally they are greater lenient to letting all distinctive styles of persons in no longer purely people who've intense GPA'S. look for Stephen F. Austin State college I used to pass there my freshman year and there have been fairly some scholars from in a foreign country and entering into a foreign country, it particularly is a quite stable college yet often state universities tend to be in small cities yet whilst your into which you will like it. I even have yet an option decision Texas State college, the two faculties are in TEXAS usa, yet possibly it is going to likely be slightly harder to get in in spite of the undeniable fact that it particularly is placed between to substantial cities so i think of you will like it. additionally i understand the optimal subject you will ought to do to get in, is instruct which you would be able to learn in English so they're going to in all possibility make you're taking a try for that. properly stable success with regardless of you go with for to do.

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