is there a way to find out who my boyfriend is chating with, and what he is chating about on messager.?

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    1 decade ago
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    Even if there was you shouldn't be with the guy if you don't trust him anymore. Unless you can't find anyone else in which case your life would be happier just not knowing

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    Sure, it's called "Be a total nightmare of a girlfriend and violate your boyfriend's privacy due to your insecurity."

    If he hasn't done anything to make you suspicious, leave the poor guy alone. If he has, confront him about it, and if his answer doesn't satisfy you, leave him. There's no reason to be a clandestine psychopath-- that sort of behavior will give you a reputation of being totally undateable.

    I (and many other men) would never, ever consider dating a girl who had spied on, deceived, or betrayed a previous boyfriend like that.

    If you're willing to have your reputation tarnished like that, you need a keylogger. There are programs that record every key he presses and save this info to a hidden text file. However, they're easy to find and believe me, he'll dump you if he finds it. I'd go with a physical keylogger. It's a little device that plugs in between his keyboard cable and his computer, and looks completely harmless. You install it, and after a few days, retrieve it and plug it into your computer. It'll have a record of every word he typed.

    However, your use of any of this would be absolutely illegal. So if he finds out what you're doing, after he dumps you, he'll have you arrested.

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    There is no way u can find out what others are chating and with whom they are chating.

    If u know the password of ur boy friend,and if he uses the latest messenger(8),then u can login with his id and find out all the ids whom he had a chat recently.these id's appear in the tool bar,then u can change the settings by going into the preferences and setting the option to save all future conversations so that u can view them later.

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    on you can download a program to save everything that was typed on your computer...then you can go back and see what it was. i think there is like a 10 day free trial or something. i forget the name of the program. good luck.

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    do 1 thing,

    generate new ID of diff name. n chat with ur BF.if he responds u then he can respond any other gl, m i right?

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    Why don't you ask him?

    If you don't trust his answer then maybe you should re-think the relationship.

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