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regarding php functions?

i have seen some php examples,where i encounter some code like

$_get,$php_self,etc., Are they all are predefined functions?I am very beginner of php,how do i know all those (predefined)functions.I mean --> method and its description.I have to take a session on php examples in my office.Please help me friends.

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    What you specify aren't actually functions, but predefined variables. $_GET['field-name'] is an example of a get variable which is declared in the URI (for example -

    There are many predefined variables, including $_FILES, $_SERVER, $_COOKIE, $_SESSION etc

    The names relate to what they contain, for example

    $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] is the predefined variable for the current page, $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] is the user ip address and so on.

    For all the details see the documentation on

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    You can get the PHP manual downloaded from

    You can also try using

    1. ActiveState Komodo or

    2. Zend Studio

    They provide good description about the function while you type.

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    Go to Google and search for "php reference" and "php tutorials". You should gain plenty of knowledge there.

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    see the php manual which is available on

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