Apartment refuses to fix plumbing problem. What do i do?

I've lived in my apt. about 2 years and been having this weird problem with my water. I get cold water sometimes....then after a while it starts getting hot...then steaming hottt. Even if the cold water is full blast. ive told them every 4 months but they keep telling me that they will fix it. Never do. I got 2 small kids and i have to wait bout an hour or so sometimes for the bath water to get cold enough to take them a bath. I have to take quick showers sometimes(3 Minutes) because if i don't the water will become so unbearably hot. Can someone inform me of the Texas Laws if any that will help me. I would like to know before i go and speak my mind to them fools at the office one last time. Thank you. Pasadena, Texas

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    1. Continue to pay your rent on time.

    2. Subit work orders in writing and request a copy for your records.

    3. Contact the Texas Apartment Association to discuss your tenant rights.

    Source(s): Former apt manager in texas.
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    I see two fantastic answers ahead of me. I wish to answer further. Especially with children in the house, this is an IMMEDIATE safety hazard! This should be typed up in a short but intense letter that should go straight to your landlord (in spite of your unsuccessful attempts to prompt him/her into action, this is the person that will ultimately get it done). If after 24 hrs you are not satisfied, submit copy of your letter to City Hall, then to Mayor if not satisfied after another 24-48 business hours. I don't believe this will need to go further. I'm sure you already have it in the back of your mind that, when all is through, your landlord will lose a tenant come end of lease! By the way, while I am far from an expert in plumbing, it has to be a faulty hot water heater

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    It sounds like to me that you have a problem with your shower valve - the apartment service group should put you a new one in. Apparently the mixing chamber is defective on this valve or there are some "O"-rings out of place. So far as laws, I don't think they want to deal with the fact that they had a chance to keep a child from being severely scalded. Inform them in writing and give them a reasonable time limit, and inform them if it isn't fixed, you will hold them responsible for the consequences (of course, you will continue to protect your children). Changing this valve/faucet is not rocket science, so you should expect it to be done quickly. Good luck with the numbnut managers of the apartments.

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    I'm from Ca. and the law here I think is the same there if they don't fix it in a reasonable amount of time you notify them of your actions to call a repair service which they will be billed for because they are management and have to or they will be reported to the health department and better business bureau and you can contact the county court house to find out about any other department's like building inspector's. I bet if you just tell them of your plan of action to follow through with your intentions they will be stumbling to get it done as quick as they can or face serious fines and bills.

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    The Texas Tenants Advisor offers general information about tenant rights in Texas and what to do when a landlord fails to repair something. DO NOT withhold rent. That will get you evicted in Texas.

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