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what do i use to make my eyes look bold?

i wanna try somthin a brunette

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    Use either White or Black Khol Pencil Eye liner on the inner bottom rim of the eye.

    White will make your eyes look bigger and Black will make you look sexy like Bridget Bardot.

    Bridget Bardot's Hair and Make-up stylists were from Lebanon hence the sexy eye liner that many women now use.

    Don't go overboard on it just outline the lower rim, if you also do the top rim your eyes could look small if your eyes are not big.

    Finish it off with a light brushing of either neutral bronze or a clear shimmer on the top eye lid for a natural look but very sexy.

    Always use light lipstick or just a gloss with bold eyes so your eyes are the focuss point.

    If you want large eyes, you place the white on the lower inner rim then if you wish just a mascara for a natural look or if your looking for a sexy look lightly place black pencil joining just the lower lashes. It's very mediteranian.

    My favorite pencils are Chanel, it contains alot of pigment but is soft and fades out to a light smudgy effect (so only put on the inner rim as it will end up to the lashes - pretty and it gives you the Bridget Bardot look without going overboard) however if you want a lighter pigment you can use Shiseido (Shisedo ends up just a light glistening effect as if your not wearing any but your naturally beautiful).

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    Lots of people are pointing out that dark eyeliner gives a bold look, but I have a couple suggestions. Don't go crazy with the eyeliner, some girls do and they end up looking like raccoons. Keep it close to the lash line, and try to stay away from the inside corner of your eye. If you have a dark line that goes ALL the way around your eye, your eyes end up looking small. So, what I do is only use a tiny bit of eyeliner closer to the inside corner and gradually put more toward the outside corner. It is a bit more subtle than going crazy and lining your whole eye, but it is a better look.

    Also, most girls tend to overlook the eyebrows. A slight arch in the brow will increase the intensity of the eyes, make them look larger and brighter. Overgrown or shapeless eyebrows can reduce the effect of bold eye make-up.

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    To make your eyes bold do these following things:

    Apply a light shade of shadow just below your brow line for a highlight effect.

    Apply a medium shade of shadow to your main lid.

    Apply a line of darker shadow along the crease of your lid to the outer edge, then soften and blend it with your fingertip.

    Apply eye liner along the length of your upper lid, just above your lash line. Then repeat just beneath the lash line on your lower lid, meeting the upper line at the outer corners of your eyes. If you use a liner pencil, you may want to use your finger to gently smudge the liner for a smokier look .

    For very defined lines, sharpen your eye liner pencil before you apply.

    For softer lines, use your fingers to gently smudge the lines after application

    heres another good tip that I find that comes in handy

    Use a dark shadow (black, grey or brown) with a small angle brush and line the upper and lower lash lines. Concentrate the most amount of product toward the outer corner of the eyes. You can even rim the inside of the lid with a like colour for a bit more drama. This allows you to play up the eye area without feeling like you have gone too far!

    Also make sure to line your eyeliner on the outer corner of your eye and don't put on to much.

    Source(s): Personal experience and it looks great!
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    Oh my god are you kidding me?!


    She said BOLD, not slutty.

    I am too a brunette, and i have found that if you want to make your eyes really stunning you should look into that (i believe maybeline) eye shadow-liner-and mascara combo that is actually tailored to your eye color. Its fabulous.

    If you really want to make them stand out, i would suggest using that, and, for an extra bit, replace the lightest color with white eye shadow, put a line of it under your eyebrow and lighty dust it under your eye. This makes your eyes look really bright (especially with long eyelashes) which stands out better and is more appealing and natural (like a brunette should be) than gross gooey black eyeliner that makes ALL women look totally ridiculous.

    Natural is a much better way to do it... trust me.

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    It matters more what color of eyes you have than the color of your hair. Almay has an awesome new line that caters to your specific eye color. They have different eye shadow, liner, and mascara shades for green, blue, brown, and hazel eyes, and they have two different options for each color - you can play them up or bring them out. I just bought the play up eyeshadow trio for hazels. It even tells you how to put it on! Great stuff... highly recommended!

    Source(s): Almay Cosmetics - love all their stuff! Especially their mascara... I've been using it for like 6 years now because it NEVER clumps!
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    Use lotsa black eyeliner, liquid gives a stronger effect. Pencil is softer.

    Then smudge white/silver eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes. This will make them appear bigger.

    And use lots of a good volumising mascara.

    eyeshadow is pretty much up to you. LOL

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    i've had that same problem, and i found that putting a little extra eyeliner on the outer edges of your eyes (top and bottom) looks great and it makes your eyes pop

    good luck

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    I use Clinique's black liquid eyeliner, and then a kohl pencil for my lower lids, then i use grey with a darker grey almost black around the outer corners of my eyes to "smoke" the eyes. they look bolder and bigger, but this i only do for special occasions...

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    when putting on your eye liner hold ur lower lid down and apply a white pencil liner first and then apply your normal colour- this will give the illusion that your eyes are wider and thus bolder than they are.

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    if u have brown eyes use purple or blue shadow. if u have blue eyes use brown shadow. green eyes can use purple or brown. use some mascara and a little eyeliner

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