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which species will come after humans according to darwins theory?

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    the question doesn't really make sense. darwin's theory of evolution isn't progressive, that is to say it doesn't run in a line from amoebae to worms to fish to seals to dogs to monkeys to people.

    natural selection is such that every plant and animal alive today is here because it is best suited for its niche. believe it or not, a slug is exactly as evolved as a human being. we may be more intellectually advanced, but if you check back in 500 years i bet we'll all be gone and the slugs will still be here. who's the smartest now?

    so no species will "come after" humans as such, there would have to be some serious change to our environment that required adaptations for survival. this process would take millions of years and let's face it, we will have blown ourselves up way before then.

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    rats and crodiles or alligators,camens, snakes have a good chance of out living us. We already sealed our own fate when we invented fire making technolgy. This led to the development of the Hydrogen bomb. It's just a matter of time before an International nuclear exchange starts. The more nations that have it.It is inevitable that it will happen. Just like with guns. Americans detonated about 50 of their nuclear bombs at various test sites. 50 times, just to see if any new outcome would happen. I don't get why they had to do that and why so many nations are interested in making them as well. Obviously they're fullfilling a need to be as destructive as humanly possible. Israel has like 300. I understand that having some nuclear warheads make good deterents to those who want to start something. But, if they were to use only 10. That would be devastating to the entire world. Now Iran and North Korea wants to have it too. Maybe this whole armagedon hysteria is just really good guess work. Even the French secret service and navy did tests several years back on nuclear weapons in the Pacific. Their secret service murdered some Green Peace protesters. So as to cover it up.

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    Evolution doesn't work that way, with one species replacing another. The last recognised mutation occurred 3000 years ago. It is a gene that stops the lactose intolerance from kicking in. All babies drink milk but most adults can't. This is a dominant gene in that if you have it from only one parent, you will not be lactose intolerant.

    We have no way to predict which mutation will spread through our species.

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    We have absolutely positively no way of knowing. Differences in environment are so subtle and life can take so many approaches to each problem that it's impossible to say. I can sy that whatever it is will be able to tolerate more heat and more radiation and more pollution. That's about it.

    The way to do that could be:

    * shorter, faster lives

    * hardier DNA to resist mutation

    * thicker skin

    * staying underground

    * using other chemicals to counteract effect

    etc... we just don't know which it will be. Look at the giraffe neck, that's most likely sexual selction! who could have predicted that?

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    Fisrt is this theory right and applicable or not. Till now it is not so no answer is valid unless the theory is valid.

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    Although not yet named, it will be the ones that adapt to the global warming and develop immunities to the current crop of toxins we are generating .

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    i dont think there is gonna be another species after us..i mean...we have already destroy the world..humen of next generators will propably die with the world...what i m saying its not optimistic...but its an option..oh and dont feel sad or anything....thats not gonna happen while you are alive...

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    Ashes. Humans will make sure of that

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    I'm thinkin cockroaches have earned their time... plus they'd survive the nuclear winter, so..

    they're up!

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    The Borg. Resistance is futile we will assimilate your technology into the collective.

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