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what is the best conpact digital camera?

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    It really depends what you want to do with the pictures. Get the most options for the money you want to pay, most Mega Pixels and good optical zoom. Also having a view finder as well as the LCD screen. The screens suck the batteries dry faster, and go with one that takes regular batteries if finding a plug in is an issue. (chargers can't be plugged into trees) Stick with the CAMERA brand names like Fuji Canon Kodak Minolta Pentax ...they know camera technology better than the gadget guys ( HP, SONY...)

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    Hi, if you want to know what didgital camera is best for you, you can go to online stores like circuitcity.com, they usually have guidelines on digital cameras. You can choose how many megapixel you need, if sleek and compact or the lcd size and the best thing they publish reviews from people who bought similar items and you can easily decide for yourself on what to buy.


    Source(s): www.shophi-tech.com
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