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What online business can I start?

Do you think that the Dating Website market is over-saturated?

I want to start an online business in January 2007. And I'm thinking of starting an online dating website. How can I make it different from the rest.

Do you have any ideas?

Is there any other online business that I can start?

(I study web design)

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    Selling downloadable software & information products.

    Here's a source.

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    The best business would be for you to have three different sites:

    1. Teach how to create CSS templates for MySpace on a blog. And use GoogleAdsense to support yourself.

    2. Start a website with free CSS templates for MySpace. GoogleAdsense, as well.

    3. Start a dating website BUT make it extremely unique. I've put up an example about the kind of things that are working right now:

    Also: you may want to check out

    Also: If you want to write a book to teach web design, go to It's good.

    Source(s): For the REAL deal on new matchmaking services, this is a featured project in different magazines:
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    Sell HOT information products to markets that desperately WANT the product. It doesn't matter what you sell because the secret is to find the STARVING CROWD.

    At the moment, one of the hottest things is infertility...

    maybe build a site and information around that.

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    "Do not ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what your passion is and go out and do that, because what the world needs is people with passion."

    Someone famous said that... can't remember who but do know it is true. I workd in law for 15 years, made lots of $ and grew to hate it... quit. Went back to school to follow my passion. Am making more $ than I ever have, am much happier... so what's your passion???????????

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    I currently work from my home with a legal company and I help people improve their health. If you or anyone you know would be interested in this same thing or would like to make a legal 6-7 figure income from home without jeopordizing what they are currently doing Please email me at

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    These are legit, free, and the companies have been around for a long time. You can start now.

    If none of these hit your fancy, you can visit this site and make another choice.

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    How about selling carnations

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