What do you know about Belgium?

Particularly about Brussels and Louvai-la-neuve....

I'm thinking of studying there for a semester and i would like to get to know it better before i make my final decision!

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    OK! Xico!

    First things first!

    The Belgium girl could be right if you want a big city then Brussels and Antwerp are the biggest ones. With Liege...

    But it depends on the language you prefer to hear, in Antwerp you will be surrounded by Flemish's and they speak a kind of Dutch, I am living between Antwerp ans Brussels and I have been working as an agency nurse in Antwerp and hated it.

    If you are your average Port. man, don't do it, they are extremely racists. No joke, there! 30% of nationalists (not a strong word enough, I am afraid).

    Then depending on the study you want to follow, the two big cities have Universities.

    Now, I don't know why, but, I think contrary to "Belgium" that you could be happy in Louvain-la- Neuve...

    It is quite recent, don't look for old stylish buildings there but there are plenty of trains you can catch to go to Brussels for that.

    And there are plenty of activities going on there, to start with...

    At first, you see, it was just a big campus but now some more than 30 years later, it is more cosmopolitan.

    One of my nieces (don't forget I am your Belgian granny) is studying there, except that she is going for some months to Canada!

    Please try to answer my French question about me moaning Leo hasn't put his question on Yahoo France, you'll know why!

    From Luton airport to Charleroi-sud (Brussels) with Ryanair it could be quite cheap.... and I have car... and I lived in Brussels 20 years.... na, na, na!

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    Louvain-la-neuve is a city that has been built especially for the university.

    Brussels is Brussels... meaning the capital of Belgium and sometimes considered the capital of Europe.

    So if next to the studies you want to have something to see and do, just pick Brussels.

    Source(s): I am from Brussels and I studied at the university there
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    One of the countries forming EU with Brussels as EU capital!

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    Aside from what I've already read, Belgium is known for their delicious gourmet chocolates!!!

    MMMMmmmm!!! Yummy!!! Makes my mouth water!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Stella Artois and other classic beers.

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