where can i get an unsecured bad credit personal loan? I need help out of debt, and payday loans, please help

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    Oh, that is awful. Those payday loans are very difficult to get out from under once they hook you. That has to be your priority now, to retire that debt and get away from those soul-suckers.

    I am with the poster above me--get a roommmate, get a night job, do whatever it takes. A lot of people make the mistake of things their "wants" are their "needs". You don't "need" a cell phone or cable TV. You want those things. Switch to a phone with pre-paid service in $20 blocks of time. It will save you monthly cell phone fees (if you don't have an existing contract that will cost you $$ to break).

    Good luck. I was in debt for many years and once I finally got out, I tell you it is always a careful decision to spend money. My car is 14 years old but I own a home. You have to adjust your priorities and right now you have got to make that payday loan enemy #1 to get paid off!

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    Actually payday loans are the end of 'train ride' for loans, that is gods way of saying "it is over".

    You have come to the end of the loan road . . .

    You should get a second job and spend 0$ on anything except rent and food. If parents will temporarily (6 months?) let you move in so you can give 90% of your check to the loans , do it .

    Payday loans are the borrowers equal of heroin for a druggie . . . time is up ! borrowing is over !

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    Stop trying to borrow your way out of debt. Say it out loud so you can absorb the absurdity. "I'm trying to borrow my way out of debt."

    Whatever you do don't pay attention to all these people telling you sites where you can make thousands overnight. Or, sites where they will loan you money. They are working for the other team. Look at some of their other anwsers. All they do is troll the answers pages and suggest you go to their site to borrow more money.

    That being said: You need to buckle down. Get a second job, get a roommate, get a border, get rid of a car with a car payment, get on a budget, move back in with your parents(temporarily), get rid of cable tv or any other unnecessary bills, stop contributing to a retirement plan until this mess is cleared up,etc....

    There are numberous things you can do besides borrowing more or declaring bankruptcy. If you get these things in place then call your creditors they will probably work with you. What have you got to lose except some free time?

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    RE:Where can i get an unsecured bad credit personal loan? I need help out of debt, and payday loans, please help

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    OK I have been there sister and all I can say is good luck!

    I picked up two extra jobs and still work one of them as well as doing the on line survey thing for extra cash - I have made an extra few hundred bucks with this one -


    But seriously, the answer is not another loan - your interest rate is going to be out of the world and your only going to have more problems. contact a credit counselor or better yet contact your creditors and explain your situation and hope their human beings as well. You may be surprised they may actually try to help you..

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    Nowhere. Hopefully, no one will lend money to you. By piling debt onto debt, you are digging a hole for yourself from which you won't be able to escape.

    I suggest you look for some credit counseling to find a way to reduce your debt and/or payments. Do a Yahoo! search for credit counselors in your area.

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    try prosper.com. it is a person to person loan site where people bid to fund your loan at an intrest rate you determine

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