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Is there any workable free music or movie download programme?

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    Even if you didnt ask for it, here is a word of caution if you are using any free download site.Everybody is looking for FREE stuff. In reality nothing is free. One needs to pay something if not cash then in other kind.There is always some risk in using free download sites which might land you in trouble in future.Most of the times these FREE sites are ILLEGAL.

    While selecting any Music/games/movie download site following points must be taken into consideration :

    *It must be legal

    *Does not charge per song download (unlimited download with a very little one time fees)

    *Must have large stock of songs/music with them

    *Download process must be faster

    *Must provide Free 24 hour Technical Support

    *Must have Good Quality MP3 format

    *Free from adware/spyware/malware/pop ups and *viruses* , as they can damage your computer/gadget.

    *You must be able to burn your own CDs

    Having said that, here are the most popular free downloading sites -

    Caution: I would like to add that in reality nothing is free in its purest sense.One needs to pay something if not cash then in kind. Such sites which claim for distributing things free tend to send adware, spyware, malware or any other such thing which may prove harmful to computer or mobile phone. So your computer or mobile phone must be well equipped with some good quality Anti Virus Software like AVG, MCaffe etc, Anti spyware software, Anti Adware Software like Lava Soft etc. One may start getting un-necessary bulk mail. So while downloading be cautious of such things and adopt some precautionary measures in advance. I shall suggest you to read their privacy policy also.

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    Type in Limewire in yahoo! the best one i think out there at the moment. Kazaa is sooo rubbish, youll just get viruses with that! limewire ive used for a few months now and so far so good

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    I have over 500 song's down loaded,and Ive made a lot of my own CD's. Go to ! You'll have to sign up for it but it's all free. I think it's just what you'r looking for. Have fun and injoy!

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  • I'm sure that it's out there some where but the only thing I've known to be free is P2P but, u could get spyware from those programs.

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    I use limewire all the time

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