Hi, what do you think about the book of Revelations from the Bible?

is it confusing? scary? you don't like to talk about it, you haven't read it? And also what is your religion or lack of? i'm just curious? thanks!

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    It is scary for those who do not know Christ. It is a source of strength and great blessing for those who love God.

    I have read it many many times.

    I am a Christian.

    god bless

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    First, it is the book of Revelation.

    Second, it is not that confusing. People need to realize that it is a highly symbolic book. Also don't let it scare you. The book does not have anything to do with the second coming of Christ or the "rapture" (the word rapture is not found in the Bible nor is the concept). The book of Revelation was written to comfort the Christians that were being persecuted by Rome. Many will disagree with this, however, the book clearly says in the first verse "things which must shortly come to pass." In Daniel, Daniel is told to seal up his prophecy because it would not come to pass for a long time, however, Daniel's prophecies were fulfilled when Jesus came to Earth and established His kingdom (Matthew 16:16-19). That was a period of around 400 years. So God says 400 years is a long time, but it has been around 2000 years since John's revelation which God said would come to pass shortly.

    One thing that helps with the book of Revelation is to know that the symbolic language was quite common in the first century so the book was not confusing at all to the people it was written to.

    Hope this helps.

  • JohnC
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    Revelations can be confusing at times, but the more I read it and the more I pray about it, the clearer the picture becomes. You can read the current headlines and then read revelations and see that the two are coming together. The two are lining up and the truth of the word is being fulfilled, even today. It is exciting and i find myself talking about it on an almost daily basis. It is not scary for me as I'm a believer, but I am scared for the unbelievers in the world. They are lost and don't even realize it, but they will. Most people will realize His truth too late, but all will know the truth that is described in revelations.

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    Revelations is the spiritualization of the mind and body, that is to say the process by which one brings the heaven and earth in harmony within themselves. These ancient symbols and numerations are all patterns of our own design. If one studies Jewish mysticism and their interpretation of the tree of life and look at how revelations mentions there was 12 fruits on the tree of life, it becomes apparently clear. They saw the tree of life as the perfect mind. And the 7 churches should be obvious, they are the seven chakra's, it is so odd how people can't see that the whole bible is filled with these numbers repeated over and over again, 12, 7, 3 etc.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Book of Revelation is the prophacy of John after he was banished to the Island of Patmos. Its not as vague or unforgivingly hard to discern as people think. One just has to know a little of world history in order to see the obvious symbolism there. The bible is its own best interpretor. Sorry my spelling blows. So if you see a term used in Revelation..such as sword, consuming fire, star or dragon..beast for instance..then simply type that word into a Bible search engine such as at biblegateway.com and bingo you have lists of scripture where that term is used and defined.

    The beast of the Bible is not the 'anti-christ' for instance as so many people have been misled by common folklore to believe..the 'anti-christ' is only mentioned 4 times and never in the book of Revelation. See 1st and 2nd John for those defintions of who and what the anti-christ is. As for the beast...as far as I can tell...beast symbolizes labor, the work force, industry, technology...the destroyers of the earth (read Matt 24). Stars represent the heavenly host, the moon = the church, the sun = the Word of God. There is so much I could tell you about this and would love to discuss it further if you are interested. If so..please email me. Until then, yes, Revelation is scary..for anyone who does not belong to Christ. For those that do...we can be full of HOPE! Merry Christmas! Love in Christ, ~J~ <><

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    I think it was written while John was in prison in Greece, and he wanted to get messages out to the Christian people that pertained to them at that time. He also needed to get messages to them that they would understand, yet would pass prison censorship. I believe he wrote in symbolism, knowing that the people would interpret the writings much as a dream for they had this knowledge to do so and it was their culture. Using this method, John could get his message past those that was censoring his letters. The warnings were to caution the Christians of the politics that were unfolding and to hold faith and prepare themselves for that which was to come. I have studied most every type of religion there is. I have found myself on a spiritual path most my life. I have for the past years affiliated with the Unity Church, in which case, in this group, we do not take the bible literally; but, instead we study the symbolism and meanings of the words.

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    I have read & studied The book of Revelation, It is a love letter to the Bride of Christ, It is not hard to understand, If you truely have the Holy Ghost. It is Prophcies that connects Many things Daniel also saw. To the Bride of Christ, it is not a hard book to study & understand, Nor is it scary, I am looking forward to see more of those Prophecies come to pass very soon.

  • Anonymous
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    From what I can see, the book of Revelation was actually a political statement against Nero, rather than an apocalyptic text. Because of this, I don't find it scary at all. Confusing, maybe, but not scary.

    I have no religion, but follow/study the common "spirit" and mythology of nearly all religions.

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    I am simply Christian and I think Revelation is a profound and intense look into the generosity of God. At the time most of it takes place, his church should be gone, leaving the ones who did not choose to believe in him here to have one last chance to change their minds. Even though they have been hard hearted, he still gives them this last time of trial and suffering to see that he does have mercy and that they can come to him still.

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    i am not any religion, but i try to follow basic Christan laws and i believe in god and Jesus. i haven't read much of the bible at all because a:i don't own one at the moment, b:its a bit full on for me because i feel things very strongly, and have had 3 spiritual psychoses attacks and, out of fear of another, i don't delve too deeply in to spiritual stuff. plus its a bit confusing.

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