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3 days late, Neg. hpt so far...Help Please!?

TTC...3 Days Late , have taken serveral hpts,

all neg.

Has anyone ever been late with neg. Hpt's and get a Pos. Hpt later?

Please Let me Know.

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    i would wait until you are at least 7 - 10 days late as you have to give your body time to regulate the new hormones.

    If your home test is still neg, go and get a test at your local doc just to make sure.

    I did 5 homes tests - all neg - but i was feeling sick and my boobs hurt, so i went and got a blood test at the docs and i was def. positive.

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    now and back once you get apprehensive your era ought to come later than familiar. have been you apprehensive you have been pregnant in the past checking out your era replaced into previous due? I as quickly as thought i replaced into and my era replaced into a minimum of a week and a nil.5 previous due via basically being freaked out approximately it and stressing. If 2 exams are detrimental i'm useful they are right and attempt to relax approximately it, they are going to come once you end irritating.

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    maybe you have tested too soon / your levels are not high enough yet

    also you could be just having a delayed period / getting yourself worked up - causing your body to react differently.

    calm down, and give your body chance

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