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I am getting angry and have become more emotional now a days, how to get rid of it - m a s/w engg-22yrs-female

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    here is a great website: and this stuff really works! Good luck and happy holidays


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    You can't get Rid of your feelings! The harder you try to get rid of them or kill them, the stronger they become.

    However, you can work THROUGH THEM! Meaning, why are you angry in the first place? Is it something you have done to someone else, or didn't do? Is it something serious, really serious, that necessitates you to be angry? You know, before we become angry, it takes just 20 seconds for a thought to go through our brain about something that was said or done, or wasn't said or done, to make us have an emotion about the the event. It usually was any where from one day to three days or even a week ago that we got angry about something. When we hang onto anger, think of a triangle, there are two othr emotions that make up anger, FEAR & GUILT! Fear stands for:

    F false E evidence A appearing R real; and the fear guilt feeds into the anger. But I suggest you sit down and journal about this anger, why, who, where, what, and then assign the anger to its proper place. The crying and irritability shows you aren't dealing with the anger, the reason for the anger, you are trying to just kill it, and your mind is saying DEAL WITH what ever MADE you Angry in the first place!

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    Try deep breathing practice taking 5 deep breathes when you feel your anger rising focus simply on the breathing and expanding your lungs, try to relax your whole body. This takes all of 3 minutes and should calm you down. If you are finding that you can not get your anger under control with some basic techniques you may want to speak to someone. Depending on the stress in your life it could either be situational or something else that needs to be addressed. Either way I commend you for looking for a solution - we all just want to be happy.

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    Your probably stressed due to upcoming holidays or a special event. This is the time of year a lot of people get frustrated.

    Chill, take a warm bath, relax and listen to music and pray for the people fighting to keep us safe.

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    Heres what i think: If youre not depressed all the time(in which case u gotta take pills) youre probably sexually frustrated.

    Try to have sex with ur boyfriend more often and enjoy. That should take care of the problem.

    Btw, this is no joke, its true.

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    Everytime you get angry, count 1 to 100. Also make a list what makes you angry and visit your note after a week. You get laughing.

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