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my hamster had babies last Thursday, when can I hold/touch them?

I have three hamsters, a boy, and two girls. one of the girls had babies last Thursday. I want to tame the babies, but I don't know when they will stop nursing, and I'll be allowed to touch them. any answers?

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    Hi Becky...Female hamsters with young must be provided with abundant nesting and bedding materials, and plenty of food and water. They must not be disturbed in any way. The young should not be touched or handled until they are at least 7 days old, the nest should not be disturbed, and the cage should not be cleaned during this period. Failure to heed these cautions (especially with females nursing their first litters) most often results in cannibalism of the young.

    See section breeding:

    Source(s): Animal Trainer to domestics and exotics Hilltop Animal Hospital
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    I'm not really sure how long you have to wait. I use to have hamsters when I was younger though and one of them had babies. So I learned this, make sure you don't put the male hamster in with the babies, he will eat them. See when I had my hamsters I had two separate cages for them and only put them together occasionally. Well the exercise wheel broke in one of the cages so I started switching the hamster each morning from one cage to the other so the male could get exercise everyday, until i could buy a new wheel. So I didn't know one day that the previous night the female had babies, she had them under some plastic stairs, out of view. Well after switching them around in the morning, about 10 minutes later I started hearing a lot of squealing....not good. Yeah, he ate the babies, very sad. I was only 10, so I started crying my eyes and screaming for my mom!

    So that's my only advice, don't let the male near the babies. And also I wouldn't pick up the babies until after they open their eyes and grow a little fur.

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    let them be nursed by their mother be careful that the others wont eat them.

    when they stop breastfeeding u can touch them.

    by the way try to keep the cage warm while u have them they are very gentle

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    2 weeks I think

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    don't touch them untill they are fully grown or the mother will eat them

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    two weeks after their born

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    like.....they are so irresistable to touch....but get hold of yourself..w8t maybe 2 and a half week..

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    just handle them with care,but yes you can touch

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    oh common ask .... go and ask hamster ..... stay away if she attacks .... else you go and play with the babies.... its always nice to play with babies .... :-)

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