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How important is a GPA?

I was wondering how important is a GPA when it comes for you to find a job? And what is the criteria for the GPA score? What is a good GPA score?

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    Not that important - but as long as you can get by with saying you maintained a B average 2.7 or above (B-) you are fine.

    Good Luck!!!

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    The more years between the job and college, the less they'll care. It also depends on the field and how many applicants they have. I was in Liberal Arts and I had a terrible GPA, but still found jobs pretty easily. However, in other fields like engineering, architecture, etc. your grades matter a lot more. Generally anything from a 3.0-3.5 is considered good and 3.5-4.0 is considered great.

    Also, some people only look at major GPAs. If you are going into a field that directly relates to your major, you can just put your major GPA on your resume until they ask for your cumalitive one.

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    Depends on the job you wish to obtain. Usually a 3.0 or higher is required for most jobs, with at least a 3.5 or higher a requirement for some jobs (investment banks etc). 2.7-3.0 is still good and you should still be able to find a decent job with that criteria. Most employeers look at criteria other than GPA such as other activities. All depends on the job. Good Luck!

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    unless you are going for a scholarship, i dont think it matters at all. if you are trying to get into naval academy or something of the sort it will be very important. a good GPA for entering the airforce academy would be 4.0 which is attainable by taking honors classes.

    It's nothing to a job, all a job wants to know is if you graduated HS or got a GED and perhaps whatever college courses and major you may or may not have got a degree in higher education.

    You can go to community college without reference to your HS GPA and get in to higher learning institutions from there.

    You can also drop HS and get your GED and go for a vocational school earlier if that is your wish. Just about anything is possible. You need to be realistic about your near future for at least the next 5 or 6 years after highschool. You need a financial plan to understand where you will be going professionally. What can you afford and maintain? Its crucial to you to pick a path now and start moving towards it because these years as you adjust yourself to go into the world will certainly impact your bearing and income potential for the rest of your life.

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    GPA must be stated as great Persuasion undemanding. GPA i think isn't a level of how smart you're. The brightest scholars could have a GPA of three.6 or 3.5 wile somebody like myself could have a three.8 or 3.9 merely via fact they found out a thank you to be smart interior the educational gadget. I took instructions no longer reccomended by using the college yet ones that happy my degree and that i felt have been greater common. I went to college for television production, and besides the actuality that I had a great style of expierence interior the interest, I took all of the undemanding instructions besides? Why, they have been easy for me to get an A! and that i did it with a great number of instructions that i grow to be allowed. maximum babies took Bio and Chem for their sciences, I took the greater convenient Astronomy classes. My grades? A's. GPA isn't something greater then how properly you worked a gadget i think, and jobs regularly could no longer supply what your GPA is. They DO care in case you have a level!

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    A good GPA score is 3.0 and above.

    Some places will ask you for your GPA, others wont. It depends on what job you are looking for.

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    Sometimes employers want to know your GPA before they hire you, especially if it is a competitive job. I think a good GPA is anything over 3.0.

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    very important at the moment to find a job,any way

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    EMPLOYERS NEVER CHECK. Pick a GPA you like and say thats what you got! But on a 0.0 to 4.0 scale if you are looking to do well its 4.0 all the way - why settle for 2nd best if the #1 spot is attainable?

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    I have found it to be of the utmost importance in applying to grad school but not important when applying for jobs.

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