Why US president is elected second time while US people hate him because of his initiation of war in Iraq?

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    because for one Ithink george bush rigged the election the second time like he did the first time and second he used 9/11 as an excuse to be president again...

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    GEt your head out of the sand and see exactly what he has done for this country!

    I cannot believe your civilian stupidity! I have been in Iraq for a year as an officer and I have to say that anyone who says anything negative about the war has obviously NO idea what is going on over there! Now let me help you people understand this, the people over there LOVE US! No matter what you say the kids and families are always trying to give us gifts and when we are driving around many of the people wave and smile at us!

    Now yes their are people there who do hate us. That is what you civies hear as insurgents. THese insurgents are using guerilla tactics to try and make us leave so they can use force to set up thier totallitarian government. OH and by the way BUSH has NOTHING TO DO WITH IRAQ!!!!!!!! Rumsfield put forth the idea, congress agreed with the data about WMD's and then their went the war.

    If you have never noticed the President is practicly a figure head. YES he does have ultimate authority over the military but HE CANNOT declare war or send troops overseas without congress' permission.

    Also remember that little war called VIETNAM?! THey used Guerilla tactics and we got our butts handed to us. Now 30 years later we took over a whole country in less than 2 years and are just getting rid of the last few rebels. So obviously we have learned how to deal with Guerilla warfare.

    Oh and less than 3000 soldier's have died *R.I.P.* but compared to any other war in our history that number is almost insignificant.

    So for all you civies who think you know EVERYTHING just cuz the TV tells you so, maybe you should go see it for yourself!

    Source(s): Military Historian Cap. U.S.A.F. 4 years active duty 1 year in Iraq
  • That is a very good question. I think that the best explanation for it is that even though he was losing popularity and support, it wasn't low enough yet. I also think that a lot of undecided voters may have voted for him because they felt that if he started this mess he had to clean it up so to speak. Even if they didn't necessarily liked him that much.

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    WAR is never popular, however it is necessary at times,evil must be destroyed, check your history!

    While people are unhappy with the war, most feel it's the way we are handling it, we are cowling down to the left, when we should be using all the power that is America!

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    There is a mystery there.

    We don't know why he got himself kick back in office the second time round.

    The early part of the game he wanted to pack his bags.

    Somehow at the last minute .

    He found himself back in office in planet of apes.


    Time will expose why he must be there.

    Source(s): decoded from the missing x-files.
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    Hmmm, like any thing you said is logical... Let me say it again: Just because you think it doesn't make it true. Just because you say it doesn't make it true. The truth is you have your facts wrong. All wrong! Big time, not even in the right city. A left turn into the ocean. Wake up and smell the coffee!!!

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    Not all yanks hate him. There are the ultra right, the religious, the oilmen, the redneck fraternity, the gung ho,the weapons industry leaders and the mentally incurable who worship him,

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    and what were we supposed to do ? put in "Herman Munster" (John Kerry) who wanted to "NEGOTIATE" with Terrorists ? I live in NY and I watched from my house, as my city burned, Sorry, I STAND BEHIND OUR PRESIDENT ! Lets take the fight to them ! Enough of this sh-t ! I say we "DO" the whole mid east, it's nothing but a pain in the a-s to the rest of the world, is it my fault that we gave them an "OIL MARKET" and their leaders steal all of the profits ?????And it's also insulting to our brave troops that are over their fighting to make sure that this does NOT happen to YOU again !

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    Because polls are BS and mean nothing really. If you looked at the polls Kerry should have had a landslide.

  • Ibredd
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    The American people may hate something but will still do the right thing.

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