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Best Heist Movies Ever?

I like Oceans 11 and 12,Both The Bourne Series ,Sneakers,Reservoir Dogs,The Italian Job.I love these kind of movies.Can anybody tell me some other great heist movies

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    inside man is kinda a heist movie, but its pretty twisty, and totally awesome, check out the original oceans 11 too. butch cassidy and the sundance kid is about some western robbers and its pretty awesome

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    4 years ago

    Why don't people ever read the question. You asked for an ENGLISH movie and got a load of American ones. The Italian Job was good, Lock, Stock was good. Going back a bit things like The Lavender Hill mob where quite good. I think The Bank Job has potential to be great but it could fall flat if there is not enough focus on the actual bank job. A film like this doesn't need to have too much focus on the characters and the love interest, which quite often can ruin the concept of the movie.

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